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We believe in the power of human-centered storytelling.

Sundoc Studios is a full-service documentary production company based in San Diego.


We not only produce original documentaries, but we also partner with purpose-driven companies to create high quality branded films so they can emotionally connect with their audience.

Our network of storytellers span the globe and we come together to create character-driven films that leave you feeling inspired and empowered.

Founded in 2019 by Matthew Meredith and Leah de Leon, our mission is to inspire greatness one documentary at time.

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Brian Floats crew
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What makes Sundoc Studios special is how much we:

  1. Strive for greatness in ourselves and our craft

  2. Communicate proactively and honestly

  3. Treat our crew, characters, and clients with love and respect 

  4. Constantly adapt in favor of creating the best story

  5. Prioritize impact and ignite conversations that matter

  6. Have fun

- our core crew -

Leah de Leon Headshot
Matthew Meredith Headshot
Leah de Leon
Matthew Meredith
Kaylee Kim Headshot
Kaylee Kim
Katharine Johnson Headshot
Katharine Johnson

Social Media Editor & Coordinator

Co-Founder & Executive Producer

Co-Founder & Director

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